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    Mythic Heroes and Heroines in the Movies

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    Please give examples of types of male and female heroes and heroines found in classic or contemporary movies? What type of mythical parallel do you see in these heroes or heroines?

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    Heroes, Heroines & the movies

    The characters of heroes, heroism, and idolization are not unique to a particular culture or period in history. While the word 'Hero' by etymology traces its origins to the Greek antiquity (Hero was a demigod, son of Hera and protector of the oppressed), every civilization has its own set of 'Heroes', fictional or based on an actual historical figures. A hero is that character either in Myth or in History champions justice, putting himself on the line for a cause (i.e. Robinhood, Ivanhoe, Genghis Khan, Perseus, and Achilles). This is heroism. Bravery, courage, wisdom and the drive to see his (or her - in the case of heroines like the Historical Chinese warrior Mulan or the Siamese Warrior Queen Suriyothai) actions for the cause through is seen as essential elements of his person. His actions might bring the greatest suffering to the hero or the heroine but despite this, the hero carries on and triumphs over the adversities. His life or her life story is centered around the events which made him a champion of ...

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