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Disneyland: A Sacred Place?

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Disneyland as a Sacred Place (describe how it functions as a sacred place, including how it meets criteria for common elements and cultural function, as described above.)

I tried to write this paper three times and I just not getting it to make sense. I just need help. This is for Mythology and I didn't pick this topic. But I know I need to write about the common elements and its cultural functions.

Here are the full assignment details (I just need help with the above):
Secular Organizations and Sacred Places Paper

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on a secular organization of your choiceâ?"such as a town, a nation, or a corporationâ?"in which you explain how one to three of its locations function as sacred places. As you do so, explain what elements mythic sacred places have in common, and how they function in their cultures. Illustrate your analysis of your chosen contemporary secular place by comparing it to at least one other sacred place taken from a traditional myth.

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The solution provides a comprehensive discussion of Disneyland as a sacred place including a description of how it functions as a sacred place, to whom it functions as such and the elements that allow it to be a sacred place culturally via shared history, viewpoint, experience and perspective. This 733-word essay follows the APA format and lists references for the purpose of further research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.

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Dear Student,
Hello. I understand how you must be feeling but not to worry, as long as we look at Disney from a mythopoeiac viewpoint (mythopoeia is the manner by which literature and film makes myths), it is easy enough to discuss why. I hope this helps. The word version is attached for easy download and printing. Good luck with your paper!

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Disneyland - A Sacred Place?

In the first instance, declaring Disneyland as a Sacred Place seems foolish. Sacred Places are sites where particular followers of a belief or faith honour their practices, traditions, deities and history for their heroes, saints, gods and set of important events have occurred or are symbolised and represented/expressed in said places. For this very reason, Sacred Places are said to inspire peace and reflection. But the sites are varied and are spread out the world over where the more obvious representation are churches, temples and awe-inspiring landscapes and locales important to a belief (i.e. Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Stonehenge, Twin Towers, etc.). To imagine Disneyland then as a Sacred Place where families and friends gather to witness & experience an array of fun spectacles and events is as far removed as possible from the ...

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