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International Business Case Study and Analysis

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· A brief introduction framing the issues of the case. Do not spend a lot of space on the history, development, and growth of the company over time We have all read the case.

· Identification of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses.

· Identification of the opportunities and threats in the external environment surrounding the company.

· Analysis of the corporate-level strategy pursued by the company, if addressed in the case study reading material, and whether it fits effectively with the company's SWOT analysis.

· A consideration of issues raised in the case writeup that are germane to concepts above.

· You do not have to address the financials of the case, except as they are impacted by other factors. In addition to the elements above, specifically consider the cultural orientations of the countries participating in case, and their impact upon it.

· Specific recommendations for what the company should do next and directions that it should take.

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1. An internal weakness of this company, is the fact that it has allowed for a Hong Kong Disneyland to be partially government owned, which has served to reduce the transparency of this company in the eyes of the general public. A reduction in the transparency of an organization could raise suspicion within the minds of the general public, constituencies, and possible future shareholders, which could serve to decrease the profitability of the organization. In addition, Disneyland has reduced its profitability by not retaining at least partial ownership of the Tokyo Disney theme Park and others, and the royalty payments that are received do not compensate for this loss in revenue. The training methodology that is used by Disney for its foreign parks must be tailored to coincide with the cultural norms of the host countries, due to the fact that the training methodology that works well in one country may not be feasible for another country, due to cultural and social differences.

An internal strength of Disneyland is that this company is very proactive in researching potentially profitable foreign markets, and making the deals necessary to get Disneylands operational in a relatively short period of time. Disneyland also has a very strong marketing plan and methodology, that nearly guarantees a great deal of visitors to its domestic and foreign parks. Disneyland's ability to develop and promote souvenirs with strong appeal to international audiences, is also a viable source of its immense profits. The entire Disneyland theme has strong international appeal to children as well as adults worldwide, which prompts foreign governments and business organizations to readily ...

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