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Chaucer - question about the use of dream-vision

Why does Chaucer contiuously use the dream-vision motif in many of his text? Please include an example of this, because I am having a difficult time trying to see how it is useful for him to do so. Thanks

Maya Angelou's "Graduation" is explored.

Study Guide: What is the controlling/main idea of Maya Angelou's "Graduation" (from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)? DISCUSSION: The controlling/main idea of a piece of writing is often referred to as a THESIS. Here are some characteristics of a thesis: (More Details Follow) SAMPLE RESPONSE: The controlling idea in th

Multiple choice questions need just the correct answers

A paragraph has this topic sentence: "The Amazon rainforest is home to the richest variety of wildlife on Earth." Of the following details, the only one that would not belong in this paragraph is: a. Many unusual animal species, such as the emerald tree boa and the jaguar, can be found in the Amazon rainforest. b. Rainforest b

Historical significance of Beowulf

Briefly describe the significance of the epic poem Beowulf. Who were the main protagonists, what was the plot, and what historical truths can be gleaned from it?

This posting overviews Ibsen's work.

Ibsen's play, 'A 'Doll's house," is examined. These questions are posed: 1. In the early acts , Torvald Helmer holds forth on the role of the husband , standards of honesty or probity for dealing with money. Above all, in his talk and in many little ways , he demonstrates the role assig

The Literary canon is discussed.

This posting considers literature as part of the U.S. current literary canon, and why? How do these selections reflect the cultural tradition of the United States?

Describe how James Joyce focuses the importance of religion.

Describe how James Joyce focuses the importance of religion and setting in '' Araby '' . Include your opinions of how the setting influenced the story mood and development. For example , Joyce specifies the street location and the time of year in the story. How does that color your response to

Literature review - What short story to recommend to publisher?

You are part of the literature review committee that will determine which stories will be included in the quarterly short story journal. 1. You are to evaluate a short story and give your recommendation to the publisher. 2. You are to indicate what drew you to this story. Comment about the central idea of the story and

The Researched Essay

Are you required to write a research essay this semester? Are you clueless about how to choose a topic, conduct research, and document and integrate your sources? This sample assignment is full of links that will guide you to a wealth of web-based resources for writers of researched essays, including a Powerpoint presentation

What is Happiness?

Ideas for conducting research on " What is Happiness to you" are reflected.