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Citation examples of Jules Verne works in MLA

I need citations of Jules Verne works that come from journals and reference books like an encyclopedia for example and then referenced in MLA format. 5 from journals 5 from reference books

Comma Splices: How To Fix Them.

Students often receive papers back with marginal comments from their teachers, and one of the most common errors of punctuation (and grammar, in a way) that is flagged in this way is the comma splice. What are comma splices? What causes them? How can they be fixed?

Technical Writer Tips

As a technical writer, you are often faced with writing or rewriting technical manuals that involve procedures or steps. Locate two owners manuals (either online or on paper) and compare and contrast the two manuals. What are the common components of the manuals? Is there any one component included in the manual(s) that you feel

Chaucer - question about the use of dream-vision

Why does Chaucer contiuously use the dream-vision motif in many of his text? Please include an example of this, because I am having a difficult time trying to see how it is useful for him to do so. Thanks

Maya Angelou's "Graduation" is explored.

Study Guide: What is the controlling/main idea of Maya Angelou's "Graduation" (from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings)? DISCUSSION: The controlling/main idea of a piece of writing is often referred to as a THESIS. Here are some characteristics of a thesis: (More Details Follow) SAMPLE RESPONSE: The controlling idea in th

Multiple choice questions need just the correct answers

A paragraph has this topic sentence: "The Amazon rainforest is home to the richest variety of wildlife on Earth." Of the following details, the only one that would not belong in this paragraph is: a. Many unusual animal species, such as the emerald tree boa and the jaguar, can be found in the Amazon rainforest. b. Rainforest b

Historical significance of Beowulf

Briefly describe the significance of the epic poem Beowulf. Who were the main protagonists, what was the plot, and what historical truths can be gleaned from it?