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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Your editor-in-chief has asked the entire team to reflect on the experience of working on the back to basics issues. Your reflections may be compiled to serve as guidelines for future teams. You have been asked to read A love Medicine by Louise Erdrich (1954) OR Long Long Too Long by Lucia Perillo (1958)and answer the following questions:

What did you like about this work? What were its strengths?
What did you dislike about the work? What aspects of the work were confusing?
How does this work connect to your own experiences?
What did you learn from reading this work?
Would you recommend the work to someone else? Why or why not?

Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list

5 paragraphs or 500 words

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As you assess Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich, I offer some ideas to help. Please ask for me on future Special Requests:

First, I liked the themes and characters in this work. Because it presented Native American characters in real, multifaceted, and nonstereotypcial manner, I felt that it was very important in the literary world. Erdrich shows real life Native Americans, not caricatures. She has honest, authentic, and emotional in her portrayals. I like how she exposed how important family is for this culture through her characters' intricate relationships. She also ...

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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich is examined.