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Louise Erdrich's novel, Love Medicine

This posting identifies why the text makes good literature. See attached file for full problem description.


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After reading your zipfiles, it is evident that you need to pinpoint three themes that constitute good literature and then use those ideas as a lens for exploring the novel. Here are three ideas for your consideration when writing your paper:

a. Creative writing (rich in poetic and visual imagery)
b. Character development
c. Cultural Identity

Here is a rough outline to help with you this essay:

I. Add an introduction to gain the reader's attention.

II. Refine your thesis:

Here is a generic example: Erdrich's Love Medicine differs from the sensationalized styles and stereotyped characters found in many pulp fiction and generalized novels. Erdrich's novel embodies good literature because it exhibits creative writing through her poetic and visual style, strong, realistic character development through her unique cast of characters, and a sense of cultural identity and Civil Rights as Erdrich explores the Native American world and the impact by non-Indian governments and peoples.

If three points are too many, limit to which one interests you the most.

III. Add a transition into the first point:

First, Love Medicine represents good literature because of Erdrich's use of poetic and visual imagery.

IV. Show where Erdrich uses sensory data to paint a picture in the reader's mind. For example, she says," The earth was full of life and there were dandelions ...

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This novel, Love Medicine, is examined in terms of style, content, devices, etc.