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Louise Erdrich's "The Shawl"

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After I read Native American author Louise Erdrich's short story "The Shawl" , I am having trouble considering how it is possible that children can re-envision and actually rewrite the history of their parents to create an opportunity for healing old wounds.

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Louise Erdrich's "The Shawl" recounts very traumatic events which happened in early childhood. Therefore, the ability or the inability to retell the story is also a reflection of whether the child has managed to heal those wounds, as you say.

Now, one of the characteristics of trauma is that victims are often unable to speak or articulate in any way the traumatic event. Nonetheless, they seem to be forever stuck in a never-ending present of the traumatic event: all their thoughts gather around those events while the constant remembrance of those events is always accompanied by those extremely intense feelings of pain, shame or guilt which are usually associated with trauma; but in the ...

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