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    gay marriage

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    Task Name: Phase 1 Discussion Board

    Details: The first step towards completing the Touchstone Project is to choose a current controversy or issue and then form research questions. You will be arguing one side or another for a current issue in the news. For example, you might take up the cause of Global Warming and articulate a clear argument for or against possible impacts on this world. You might choose to address an issue taken from your local headlines, such as a local zoning initiative or closing of a school that affects your children and others. Read your local newspapers and watch news on television while choosing an issue. Once you have chosen an issue, you must now submit it to your instructor for approval and advice. Therefore, in a discussion board entry of no less than four paragraphs and at least 200 words, address the following:
    1. Briefly describe the controversy/issue you have chosen from current headlines. In your description cover the following questions: What is the issue? Who does the issue affect? How long has the situation existed? What are the consequences / effects of the issue?
    2. Identify the intended audience of your Touchstone Project. What does this audience know about the issue? What questions or concerns does your audience have regarding the situation? Why is your chosen issue important to your audience?
    3. Describe your research plan. What research strategies and tools will you use to learn more about your issue? How will you evaluate your sources? What question do you hope your research will help you answer?
    4. Briefly identify your position on the issue, for or against. Why is your approach the right one for others to take and embrace? Be sure to note, here, that working arguments will evolve through continued research and analysis.
    your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board

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    While we cannot do your assignments for you, I can help point you in a good direction. I think this assignment has a lot of potential! My word of advice would be to choose something on a smaller scale than say, global warming. There is so much research out there, you could get buried. You might want to choose something like gay marriage in your state or country, which is a very controversial issue, but perhaps not as huge to tackle. Or, perhaps you choose something very local, like licensing pets. Here in my city if people do not have tags on their pit bulls, for example, the dogs are subject to being taken in and killed because of their ...

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