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the pros and cons of gay marriage

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The views and information in the choice of being for or aganst gay marriage, life partners, and the support or non support of the choices. The advantages and or disadvantages of both are needed.

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Being for gay marriage is something that the liberal view takes. This means that you are for two individuals who are the same sex to be able to marry legally and having all the benefits of marriage just as a man and a woman would if they were to marry. This includes benefits such as death benefits that would go to a spouse, homestead rights to property owned by only one spouse and rights to a decedents estate based on the law of the state if the individual dies intestate (without a will). Thus, a lot of legal doctrine is intertwined in the legal ability of two people who get married. In addition, there may be tax and health benefits that a spouse their child get from being legally married. The question is ...

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This solution discusses the pros and cons of choosing a side on the gay marriage debate.