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    Pros and Cons of Conflict Ministry

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    What are the pros and cons to conflict ministry?

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    The need for Conflict ministry (resolving problems) exists in the theological and spiritual life of the church. For instance, Houdeman (2014) points out many areas in the church where the potential lies for the development of a conflict in the church. He suggests primary areas that are common including: (a) sin among believers, (b) conflict with leadership, and (c) conflict between believers. These three areas of conflict will be addressed. For example, according to Houdeman, believers who sin pose a conflict for the church according to the scriptural verse in 1 Cor. 1:5. As Houdeman explains, "If the church ...does not deal with sin among the members", the door will be open for more problems. In his words, the church is expected to confront and restore believer who are unrepentant of sin. More important, in this verse, Paul condemns spiritual pride and chastises those who profess to be Christians, however, they allow sin to take place without warning the sinner of his or her transgressions (5:2) While the church is not called to be judgmental of unbelievers, within the ministry and witnessing; the church is expected to confront those who taint the church with sin, and help to restore their faith and commitment (5:11).

    In another example of Conflict ministry and the pros and cons associated with it, in verse (1Cor. 6:11), a conflict to ministry can be created by the tension between living a celibate life and marriage. A negative (con) approach to this conflict lies in the tendency for those who believe in the sanctity of marriage above all else, and who may make judgments on those who view celibacy as more pleasing to God. This age-old conflict often divides ...

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