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Why do we need moral education in schools?

Give reasons to support why we need moral education in schools with references. I need a lot of detailed information based on past researchers findings, as well as information based on personal experience. I also need help putting all the information together so that I can write a persuasive essay on this topic, backed up with solid data.

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Please allow my notes to guide you as you develop your own ideas about the need of moral education in schools. As a teacher, I feel as though a moral education can and should be integrated into teaching. My notes are divided into two sections, the first being information/research, and the second being help with putting it all together for your paper.

Section 1 - Information/Research

Lawrence Kohlberg is one of the most famous researchers of moral development. I think adding something into your paper about his research would help you to argue why moral education is necessary. We want to help students reach their capacity in the moral development realm. Kohlbery expanded on Piaget's original work, which outlined only two stages of moral development. He divided the process into three levels, with each level being broken down into two stages. The stages are thought to be worked through in order, which young children starting in Level 1, Stage 1, and adults working through to Level 3, Stage 6. However, the stages cannot be assigned to a certain age as everyone works through them at a different pace. Some people never reach stage six (see second reference below).

Level I: Preconventional Morality
Stage 1: Obedience and Punishment - People obey the rules to avoid negative consequences or punishment.
Stage 2: Individualism and Exchange - Reciprocity is defendable, IF is serves one's own interest. It's okay to do something bad as long as you have a good reason.

Level II: Conventional Morality
Stage 3: Interpersonal Relationships - Be "nice" and live up to social expectations and good boy/girl roles. Conformity and influence on relationships is stressed.
Stage 4: ...

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Information is given to persuade others that moral education is needed in schools.