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Should values be taught in schools?

Part of a social studies curriculum is teaching social values. Many parents do not think that schools should teach values. What do you think?

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Values are what we consider as good or desirable. Strictly, There are no wrong or right values because they are shaped by our culture, and culture is fundamentally developed in the social organization to which a person first becomes a member, the FAMILY, and then strengthened by the social groups to which he later belongs. What may be considered as good and desirable in one social group may be taken as bad by another.

Indeed a lot of parents believe that schools should not teach values; that teaching values is the responsibility of parents and not the teachers. Whether or not the school/teachers should teach values in the classroom is an issue which had been a subject of much debate not only in the US but in many other countries in Europe and Asia. Both sides to the issue have sound reasoning to back up their arguments.

Whether the school teach values or not depends on the Mission statements of the school; and this ...

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