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    Families during the Reniassance

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    Please explain the role of family in the renaissance.

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    The typical makeup of a family during the Renaissance Period is much like the modern day family - a nuclear family consisting of parents and children. Many people married during their 20's, more on the early side because life expectancy during the Renaissance was the early to mid 40's. Few, if any people lived to see their grandchildren born.

    Like many women in past times, the role of the wife/mother during the Renaissance was to stay home and take care of the house and family, cleaning and cooking. While the women stayed home, the men went to work, typically having jobs in fields and shops. Families who had children who were older and of age to work, typically went to work with their father to help with the family's income - male and female children did this.

    During the Renaissance period, families lived in small homes with about two rooms and ceilings that were very low. Often there was one big bed ...

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    The role of each family member during the Renaissance Period and how it varied based on age, gender and economic class.