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Themes of love in art

Select three contemporary art forms.
Below are the art forms
Gustav Klimt's, "The Kiss" (visual art);
Gone with the Wind (novel)
"At Last" by Etta James (song)
List the components of the theme and the areas of commonality.
The Theme is Love
My question is: Which piece do you believe most successfully communicates the theme, and why?
I would like your own words, but would like references.

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As you select three contemporary art forms, I think that Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" most successfully communicates the theme of love for many reasons. Since it is visual in nature, it allows for viewers to explicitly see the couple's love and passion as opposed to the novel and song, which articulate the theme, imply the passion, but allow more room for us to formulate conclusions as listeners and readers. Thus, I think that one main reason for the appeal of this piece is its visual mode. What do you think?

Because the visual mode conveys so much, I feel that to me, it's the most effective. Even Klimt seems to herald the visual mode as he says, "I have the ...

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