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    Poverty themes in Slumdug Millionaire

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    Okay, I am going to write about Global poverty/Slumdog Millionaire. (Where have I been, I have never heard of Slumdog Millionaire). Interesting! Still a little confused.
    this is the question I asked my teacher, below is her reply.
    Does this mean that we are to pick an issue and then develop our own art piece, or idea for an art piece, centered around and addressing that issue?
    "Yes you have it right.
    So , first, decide what type of art form you'd like to use... Dance, Sculpture, Painting, Writing, Architecture, Music... as listed in the assignment.

    Then, decide which issue you'd like to cover.

    Then, write up the concept of your own original art work in the form you chose, to inspire people or help people with the issue you chose. Explain how this art form and the work you design is suited to the issue."

    Okay I know now that I am going to cover Poverty/slumdog Millionaire.(that is the issue). I am lost after that. I would like to write about how to inspire people. I do not know how to start. How should I start my Introduction, or thesis? what should be my main focus on proverty? How should I end it? Not real sure if I am on the right track. I am not sure what art form this fall under (music?). Could you please give me some guidelines to move forward with this thought?

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    Now that you have clarified that you must actually create a piece of art, not just talk about how a piece already conveys a theme, this changes a bit what I gave you last night. Thus, I think we can still retain the topic about Global poverty and child exploitation in Slumdog Millionaire.

    As you develop our own art piece or idea for an art piece, centered around and addressing that issue, I think it would ...

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