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    "Half and Half" by Amy Tan

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    In "Half and Half," what explains the action of the mother the day after the drowning, and why does the daughter say: "Nothing prepared me for what my mother did the next day"?

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    Rose's chapter titled Half and Half is a story in two halves: one half from her childhood and one half from her adulthood. When Rose thinks about losing her husband and her faith in love, she remembers her past when her mother lost her son and her faith in God. She tells the story of how her youngest brother, Bing, drowns and explains An-Mei's reaction to the loss.

    "Half and Half" also applies to the relationship between Rose and her husband. In their marriage, Rose is the Chinese half and Ted is the American half. Both their mothers oppose ...

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    "Half and Half" by Amy Tan is analyzed in terms of the mother's plot actions and the daugher's dialogue.