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difference between a perfunctory transitional word

Answer the following question in 2-3 sentence. Provide an example to illustrate your view. What is the difference between a perfunctory transitional word like next and a more helpful bit of meta-discourse?

Analyzing Vintage Ads

Go to the search engine of your choice and search for this phrase: "vintage ads". Include the quotation marks to search for exactly that phrase. Choose a vintage ad that you can analyze based on its rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos). One thing: Please make sure that your chosen ad is appropriate At the end of you


What is plagiarism exactly? Is it a matter of changing around words or substituting some words for others? The rules related to plagiarism actually are quite complex, and there are instances in which people who have unwittingly plagiarized have ended up in court. The concept of academic integrity includes the avoidance of plagia

To Kill A Mockingbird

Why was Scout able to disperse the angry mob when reasonable adults like Atticus could not?

Definition of why we all deserve the Best in life

I am doing a search about "I am deserve the best" and require more details. Everyone deserves the best. If we are speaking of deserving, I believe we all must be included. We live in a first world country, where everyone or almost all want the best life has to offer. What needs to be defined for each person is this: what

Paragraph Building

write a paragraph in which you describe a life event that had a major impact on you. Start with a topic sentence identifying the major impact that the event had on you, and then include supporting sentences.

Grammar: Misplaced Modifiers

Edit the following sentences to correct any misplaced modifiers. If a sentence is acceptable as written, circle its number. 1. R. Buckminster Fuller developed during his career as an architect and engineer some of the most important design innovations of the twentieth century 2. Fuller, a weak student, was expelled from Harva

Women Can Dump Jerks Without the Help of Lawyers

Explain what you believe is the main point of "Women Can Dump Jerks Without the Help of Lawyers." Why does the author fill the essay with charged snarl words such as "dump," "old man," "jerks," "sexually maladjusted," "pathetic," "slobbering," and "hysteria"? Analyze their use and explain whether you find them to be used effecti

"Negro Speaks of Rivers" analysis notes

Explicate "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" by Langston Hughes. You are analyzing each line of the poem, noting the specific words the author uses. Why did he use those particular words? What special meaning might they have as opposed to the common meaning, or is he using them as commonly understood? What is the overall theme of the

This solution provides strategies for writing about American Ethnic Literature.

This solution provides some strategies for selecting and reflecting on the nature of American ethnic literature. The solution provides titles of American Ethnic novels, common themes in these works, and possible thesis arguments that you could make in your paper. The solution considers some of the following questions: What ma

"Boys and Girls" by Alice Monroe

Consider the following in your chosen literary works: theme, genre, literary technique, culture, use of literary devices such as symbolism, and how diction is used to suggest culture, class, ethnicity, historical period, or age. "Boys and Girls" by Alice Monroe is assessed.

Poetry and nonfiction: how are they different?

Why do you think some writers choose to write poetry rather than fiction or nonfiction? Which do you prefer, and why? Why is active reading and the understanding of metaphor and symbolism important when reading poetry? How do you personally respond to metaphors and symbolism when reading poetry? What are some of the diff

Sample request letters asking for references

Three different sample letter to be emailed asking for a character, academic, and community service reference letters. Request should be at least two paragraphs, however no more than four paragraphs total.

Interpretation of Annie Dillard's "Living like Weasels"

Develop an interpretation of "Living like Weasels" an essay by Annie Dillard: http://www.courses.vcu.edu/ENG200-lad/dillard.htm Observe details, connect those details, and make inferences about the author's argument based on those details. Your interpretation, then, will not be a summary of the essay; instead, it will be

The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, American Slave

1. How does Douglass understand the dynamics of oppression? In what ways is his analysis of the kinds of oppression practiced in slave times still relevant to understanding slavery's continuing legacy of racism? Use specific examples and apply his insights to current issues.