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Notes on Courtly Love and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

What are the conventions of courtly love? Include sources of this tradition, societal aspects and how this love related to marriage. How do the literary pieces that you read this week embody the concepts of Courtly Love? How are women portrayed in these selections? Please cite examples from the text and use references. Celtic

Ideas for Analyzing "The Emperor of Ice-Cream"

Discuss the meaning or explain what the poem is trying to impart. The Emperor Of Ice-Cream Call the roller of big cigars, The muscular one, and bid him whip In kitchen cups concupiscent curds. Let the wenches dawdle in such dress As they are used to wear, and let the boys Bring flowers in last month's n

Beowulf is assessed in terms of values.

What values does the young warrior Beowulf possess and how do the values of older leader Beowulf compare and contrast? Show examples of these values within the text of Beowulf. Are there values in both that talk to a national consciousness? Do these values foreshadow other Medieval works like the Arthurian legend? How

Guide to writing a paper about Chopin's "The Storm"

This week's literary club meeting discussion was supposed to be about Kate Chopin's "The Storm,"but it was cancelled due to bad weather. This work was chosen because "Nathaniel Hawthorne has a reputation for ambiguity, intentionally leaving his stories ambiguous and open-ended" (Guth & Rico, 2003). â?¢Choose 1 of the follow

Do Team Names Create Racially Hostile Environment?

Following reading "Justice Department Detects Discrimination Against Native Americans," discuss the following. If the federal government's argument regarding school nicknames is based on the premise that a public school should not be allowed to create a racially hostile environment that violates the civil rights of minority stud


Speech Analysis In this assignment you are being asked to analyze a speech. There is a short speech by Shirley Chisholm included in this assignment (located after the questions below). 1.Recreate an outline for the speech. Include a thesis statement. 2.How did the speaker make the message relevant to the group as a wh

Substantive - Opinionated Question

Is the post below substantive? Why or why not? My goal is to earn academic credentials that will position me as a leader among my peers. Lopez (2010) stated that organizations increasingly rely on knowledge workers for research-based decision making. With doctoral-level research skills, I can gather and analyze data for evide

The 'ideal reader' according to American short story writer Edgar Allan Poe.

What qualities did 'the ideal reader' have for Edgar Allan Poe? Illustrations of possible interpretations of 'the ideal' reader are offered with reference to 'The Raven', The Murders in the Rue Morgue', 'The Gold Bug', 'Ligeia', 'The Tell-Tale Heart', 'The Premature Burial' and 'The Cask of Amontillado'.


Hence, you are going to pick a company. It would be preferable to pick the company that you currently work for, or have worked for in the past. To be sure, you are under no obligation to tell me anything about any work experience that makes you uncomfortable. Realistically, you can make things up and it does not really matte

Composition Guidance

Please help, How do I write this? Open a newspaper. Find an issue to do with the international politics. Try to pick an issue you feel strongly about. Keep it narrow and simple. Make is small. Don't pick "the Middle East peace process". Rather, pick something like, "the candidate wants Jerusalem to remain undivide

Montressor compared to Tell-Tale Heart's Narrator

Please help me with a paper by helping me come up with arguments for this question: In some ways Montressor, the narrator of "The Cask of Amontillado" is similar to the mad narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart". But in what key ways is he different? Explore Montressor's character, highlighting these differences and your overall a

Compare and Contrast Literary Forms

Summarize the major differences between forms of drama, poetry, and short story. I understand the elements of tragic and comedy drama, poetry and short story, but I do not get how I am supposed to compare and contrast them all to each literary form, could you please help me with this?

How to make a "real seeming" character.

Creative writing students are often faced with the problem of making their characters seem real and appealing. This lesson will show students how to create characters that are interesting and intriguing, and how to avoid characters that are flat and uninteresting.

Favorite vacation spot brainstorming

Please help answer the following questions. What is your favorite vacation spot? Tell a story about this paradise. Hey, it may just be the park across the street. One person's paradise is another person's nightmare. I like big cities, my wife likes the backwoods. Go figure. I just want to know what you like and why. W

Cathedral short story analysis

Trace the characterization of the protagonist. Do you feel differently about him at the end of he story than you did at the beginning? Has he changed? What has changed him? Consider how you might apply Joseph Campbellâ??s Quest Cycle here.

As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner Reading Notes

Please help with the following problem. In "As I Lay Dying" who is the I in the title? What or who else does the first-person point of view include? What traditional elements of the novel does Faulkner reject? In what ways did Faulkner disrupt your expectations in reading a novel?

Visual Organizer to Assist with writing

This is a visual organizing tool that has been developed to help students "see" what their paragraphs will look like before they begin a rough draft. It helps them stick with the main idea and shows where information is lacking in any particular paragraph. This submission includes a blank visual organizer and another example

Writing Advanced Expository

Please help with the following problem. I have a paper to write about teaching children proper disobedience in school. I'd like some potential topic or subtopic ideas to help me get started.

Movie Review: Sexuality Depictions

A synopsis of the movie that is at least a paragraph long, and then addresses the following elements: a.) How the movie portrays sex and sexuality, b.) Whether or not this movie presents a fair, healthy view of sex, and c.) Review the movie for overall artistic merit and audience impact.

The Chrysanthemums

There is much fertile territory in a discussion of Elisa and the way that her surroundings seem so symbolic of her characterization. Her chrysanthemums, the way she dresses, the weather, her husband and his response to him, the tinker, the discarded flowers, the boxing match, and the wine all seem to speak of who she is and what

Citing sources

-Identify what you think are the most difficult aspects of working with sources and making sure you do not plagiarize. -Discuss the steps will you take to ensure that you cite your sources properly.

The Things They Carried

In addition to the physical things soldiers carry, the narrator of "The Things They Carried" says soldiers "carried all the emotional baggage of men who might die." Using this story and your own experiences as evidence, write a 750-900 word MLA documented essay that argues a claim about the "emotional baggage of war." Cite the t

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

The title is repeated many times throughout the story. How does the narrator classify the things they carried? Can you see meaning in the way he orders the categories? How do "the things they carried" serve to reveal theme? Next, the narrator describes long periods of tedious activity and boredom shattered by flashes of te

Understanding Point of View

For the novice writer, controlling point of view in fiction is one of the most difficult and essential aspects of the writer's craft. Beginning writers will frequently switch points of view without realizing they are doing it. But when a writer shows that he or she understands point of view, then the narrative becomes that much

Foundations of Human Resource Management

Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project Details: Many groups make up a diverse workforce. Age or generational categorization is one of the ways to define specific groups within the organization. There are currently 4 generations in the workforce. You have been asked to suggest ways to address the needs and desires of the diffe

How to critique an article

The solution explains the steps to follow when writing a critique of an article. It points out when and what to summarize, points out what needs to be highlighted, and provides tips on what to include, such as: highlight the main points that were emphasized in the article, point out the weaknesses and strong points of the write