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    Frankenstein and The Story of Adam and Eve

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    Mary Shelly compares Victor Frankenstein and the Monster to Adam and Eve - can someone explain this in detail?

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    The shared ideology of Judaism and Christianity tell a tale of the first humans, Adam and Eve, who were created by God from dust and clay (Genesis, 1:1-1:3). Much like God, Victor Frankenstein created his creature from materials found in the earth and essentially created the first species of this kind. His initial description of the body that became the creature was admiration, "His limbs were in proportion and I selected his features to be beautiful" (Shelley 34). God, too, created his greatest creatures to be beautiful "And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them" (The English Standard Version Bible, Genesis 1:27). However, both Frankenstein and God cast their creations away once the creations went against them. For Frankenstein, his creature was not up to his expectations which frightened him enough to become hateful toward it. The creature was aware of this stating to his ...

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    This posting discusses a comparison between Victor Frankenstein and Monster / Adam and Eve.