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Metaphors: Natural and Mental Ordering

Resources: Creative Thinking and Natural/Mental Orders Worksheet, found on your student website; Activity 7.1, located in Ch. 7 of Thinking, for examples on how to create metaphors; and Ch. 8 of Thinking Construct as many metaphors as you can about five different things that describe any aspect of your life, such as someone y

Interpretation of the Story "Hands"

Please help paraphrase this Summary "Hands" Story below. "Hands" is the story of a fat, old, little man named Wing Biddlebaum who lives mainly isolated from the town life of Winesburg, Ohio. He remained a mystery to the majority of the town after moving there twenty years before. Often frightened, he would hear ghostly voices

"Should Citizens Who Do Not Vote Pay a Fine?"

Argument essay: "Should all citizens who do not vote pay a fine?" Instructions: After you have selected a topic, write a thesis statement and compose a 350-500 (1-2 pages) argument essay defending your thesis statement with supporting points, logical reasoning, and evidence based on your knowledge and experience. Do not r

Trifles and point of view

How does Trifles help us think about different perspectives or perceptions? Think about what the male/female characters in the play understand and perceive about the world around them--and consider what the men's and women's conversations and actions reveal about their attitudes toward the opposite sex.

American Literature Before the Civil War

See the attached file. Part I: When Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" was published, society treated it as a horror story. Reflect on the short story and apply what you know about the elements of Gothic fiction. What element(s) do you believe justify its place in the gothic lit genre? Provide several examples to support your poin

Professional Communication in the Workplace

* Imagine this situation and then respond: A co-worker needs to communicate some work-related bad news but has never done this before. This person knows that you are taking a course in professional communication and e-mails you asking for help. You need to respond quickly, and for various reasons, e-mail is the best way to respo

Vanity Fair Discussion Questions

In this solution, I provide a list of study questions for William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair. These questions range from those requiring short, simple answers to those requiring more complex explanations.

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Please provide assistance creating very simple PowerPoint slides based on the outline in the attachment, using about 10-12 slides, roughly about one slide for every main heading in an outline and one bulleted point for every sub-heading. Remember that PowerPoint slides serve only as "headlines" for the spoken part of the present

Interracial Relationships/Marriages

I'm looking for help with writing a Research paper examines interracial relationships and discusses their advantages and disadvantages, whilst highlighting that one of the areas of greatest concern arising from mixed relationships is the effects on the children involved. In addition, I'm looking for comments that people have bec

Analysis of "The Third and Final Continent"

How does the character of Mrs. Croft help the main character transition to his new American life in 'The Third and Final Continent'? Does she play an important role in this?

Technology's Impact on Communication

What are some of the ways in which technology has had an impact on communication? List at least two ways and explain how they have had an impact.

"It Sifts from Leaden Sieves" by Emily Dickinson

For the poem "It Sifts from Leaden Sieves" by Emily Dickinson: What is or are the themes of the poem? How are rhyme and other metrical devices used in the poem? Do they support the poem's overall meaning? Is the identity of the poem's narrator clear? How would you describe this person? What information, if any, does the aut

The Story Of An African Farm

The excerpt is focused on the theme of "truth," which can be seen throughout "The Story of an African Farm". In this book, several of the characters are faced with the challenge of seeing societal norms for what they really are, and placing a price on education. Through becoming educated, and being exposed to the truth, each one

Interpretative Analysis of Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice"

I need help interpreting the following poem, in light of Jewish history Poem: Fire and Ice "Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also grea

Writing Patterns

I need assistance with writing an introduction that consist of 100-150 words. The introduction must grab the readers attention and conclude with a thesis statement. I will need to choose one of the below writing patterns and choose any topic: Narrative Description Illustration Process Analysis Comparison and Contrast Cla

Louise Erdrich's "The Shawl"

After I read Native American author Louise Erdrich's short story "The Shawl" , I am having trouble considering how it is possible that children can re-envision and actually rewrite the history of their parents to create an opportunity for healing old wounds.

Character Analysis Of A Fictional Character

Prepare an analysis of a fictional character Include descriptions and cited examples for each of the following methods for characters development: -the actions taken by the character used to reveal his or her nature. -the author's descriptions or movie/TV scene to inform the reader about the character -the character's dialo

"American Literature Since the Civil War"

Please see the attached PDF document, "Week Fourteen: A Century Ends and a New Millennium Begins Part II" from the book "American Literature Since the Civil War". (Located on Page 370) Question 1: In Walker's "Everyday Use" what does Dee (Wangero) mean when she implies that her mother and sister "don't understand" their "he

Describing the Meaning of Literature

Please help me with this question: Describe the meanings of literature to individuals, society, and oneself. Examine common approaches to critical reading and to literary analysis.

Critiques in academic or professional interests

Think about how a critique might be used in your area of academic and/or professional interest. Help us to understand who the audience for the critique might be and how that audience might use the information contained in the critique.

Effective Evaluation Method

Giving and receiving effective feedback is a big part of any job. Learning to give effective feedback assists us in seeking it for ourselves as well. How can you best provide an evaluation of another? There are multiple methods to do this, from itemization to sandwiching, and many methods with a proven effectiveness in gettin

Determining Causation in a Relationship

Academic writing is often concerned with the relationship between two things. For example, an education major might write a paper on the effect of a certain teaching method on students' learning or a management major might write a paper on the effect of a certain management technique on employee productivity. Discuss a relations

Gender stereotypes in television

Some television shows have many issues. These include from the all new line up of realty shows to the vulgarity of the adult cartoons like American Dad, The Simpsons or the cartoon spoof of a 007-like spy cartoon like Archer. The degredation of women in these cartoons are indicators of how there are double standards for men and

Effective Introductions, reviewing "I Did Not Get My Spaghetti-O's: Death Row Consumption in the Popular Media" and "Running on Empty: The Effects of Food Deprivation on Concentration and Perseverance".

Read Stevie Jeung's introductory paragraph for, "I Did Not Get My Spaghetti-O's: Death Row Consumption in the Popular Media" on page 52. Then read Thomas J. DeJong and Adam B. Smit's introductory paragraph for, "Running on Empty: The Effects of Food Deprivation on Concentration and Perseverance" on page 54. Do you find these int

Application of Frankenstein: Can science go too far?

The question posed by the professor is the following: There is an ongoing battle between faith/spirituality and science that has been active even before the time of Shelley. What are some of the things she addresses that are still important today? What are some of the ethical questions she brings up regarding the scientific d