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APA Citation Example with no Author

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My university ask me to link onto this pdf to read a brief essay with no date an no author, however within this essay the university has their name in a few of the paragraphs. My university endorses the scholar-practitioner model, so they have included their name at the beginning of few paragraphs. What is the correct APA way to cite this in the reference section?

I have three examples and I am not sure if any of these are correct.

Scholar-Practitioner Model. (n.d). Retrieved November 7, 2013, from http://extmedia.ABC.edu/artsSCi/PS501/PS501_1204C/Readings_Scholar_Practitioner_Model.pdf
Professional Foundation of Psychology. (n.d). Retrieved November 08, 2013, from Scholar-Practitioner Model : http://extmedia.ABC.edu/artsSCi/PS501/PS501_1204C/Readings_Scholar_Practitioner_Model.pdf
ABC University. (n.d.). Scholar-practitioner model In Retrieved from http://extmedia.ABC.edu/artsSCi/PS501/PS501_1204C/Readings_Scholar_Practitioner_Model.pdf

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This post answers a simple question about the proper formatting of an in-text citation and reference. I evaluate three examples of references and determine which reference is the most accurate.

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In the event a specific author is anonymous or unidentified you can use the name of the "ABC University," in lieu of an author's name. The third example you provided is the one that is the most accurate out of all three. However, omit the typo "In," after the word "Retrieved" you should include the date you accessed the document. Insert "from" after the retrieval date and insert the URL.

Initially a correct APA ...

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