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    Homer and Dante

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    Although nearly two thousand years separate The Odyssey and Dante's Inferno, both works are epic poems that:
    Explore the theme of good versus evil.
    Caution audiences about the appeal of temptation.
    Contemplate the nature of immortality.

    Compare and contrast how these topics are developed in The Odyssey and Dante's Inferno. If possible incorporate the articles attached.

    Bemrose, Stephen
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    The Sounds of Sirens; Odyssey 12. 184-91
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    It's true that both works are epics. In fact, it is this epic nature of the writings that allows for (or perhaps creates) such extensive treatment of our themes.

    As for the first theme, good vs. evil, Homer's work decides to explore such a theme in a much more nebulous and ambiguous fashion. The free-form exploration of this can be seen from the general concept and trail of the narrative itself: Odysseus and his men are far more likely to encounter a brand new threat or concept each step of the journey than to encounter an event slightly more evil or better than the previous one. This style, more chaotic than ordered, is probably to reflect the chaotic journey itself. However, it is from this chaotic style that Dante explicitly departs. Dante is far more interested in ...

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    The Odyssey and The Inferno are briefly compared as to three major themes: evil, temptation and immortality.