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    Compare and Contrast Homer and Herodotus

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    Compare and contrast Homer and Herodotus.

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    Historians rely on written records and archeological artifacts to piece together what really happened in history to learn about the past. Using writings from ancient times, such as from Homer and from Herodotus, helped them to greatly uncover the mysteries of ancient life. They used these writings to piece together events that took place and compared these events to archived information as well as physical evidence to uncover the events of the Trojan War, the expansion of empires, and the life of the people back then.

    Homer was an ancient poet and the person who write both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Both of these poems, although first considered works of fiction, have later been proven to include some accurate accounts of history and have had enormous influence on the history of Aegean society. ...

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    This solution of 532 words compares and contrasts the works of Homer and Herodotus. References used are included.