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    Instructions on how to write an argument essay: "Should citizens who do not vote pay a fine?"

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    Argument essay: "Should all citizens who do not vote pay a fine?"

    After you have selected a topic, write a thesis statement and compose a 350-500 (1-2 pages) argument essay defending your thesis statement with supporting points, logical reasoning, and evidence based on your knowledge and experience. Do not research the topic or use outside sources.

    This formal essay assignment should be formatted as follows:
    An introduction paragraph which defines the issue and states your thesis statement at or near the end of the introductory paragraph.
    At least three body paragraphs, each stating a main point in support of your thesis. Each main point must be supported with logical reasoning and evidence (specific details to explain and illustrate your points).
    A concluding paragraph should summarize main points and thesis.

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    You never mentioned how you felt about this topic. The first thing that you always need to do is take a stand on the issue. Should people be fined for not voting or should they not? I personally feel that people should not be fined for not voting. This is because if people are forced to vote, they are not going to vote in a responsible way. This means that although more votes will be cast for candidates running for office, the wrong person might win the election just because people voted for him or her out of spite. And when the wrong person wins an election, the country suffers the consequences for his/her actions.

    Also, forcing people to vote is very dangerous. This may cause many more problems ...

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    The solution discusses how to write an argument essay regarding if citizens who do not vote should have to pay a fine.