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    Testing of population proportion based on Z test

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    In some places in the US, people are aware of the need for more care for older citizens, like Dr. Hope. In the election in one area, they put forward a referendum that would increase the county sales tax by one cent to pay for increased services for this important part of the community. Registered voters were asked to vote Yes, raise the tax to provide more services to people 60 and older, or No, do not raise the tax to provide more services to people 60+, on the referendum. Fortunately, for the younger people of the county who would pay most of the tax, it was defeated. The discussion that followed included a vigorous rehashing of the pro's and con's of the referendum. You accidentally were in attendance one night and had an idea: what was the idea and how do you do it?

    Hint: if there was a significant difference between those voting Yes compared with the No's, then . . . If the Yes vote was 1001 and No was 1258, do you have an argument?

    a. Write null hypothesis for this research.
    b. What is the level of measurement used in this research?
    c. What assumptions are you making?
    d. Are the two groups being measured the same or independent?
    e. What statistic would you recommend to determine if the difference between the two groups is significant?
    f. Are the two groups significantly different from each other? (Show your work.)
    g. Extra credit: what is the lowest number of No votes it would take in this situation for there to be a significant difference? (Show work.)

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    The solution gives step by step procedure for testing population proportion based on Z test. Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, Z value, P value and Critical Value are given.