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Adolescents and Voting

I need some ideas on an argumentative essay on why young Americans should vote. Some rough ideas for an outline would be helpful. I'm honestly up against a wall here. I'm not of this generation and can't imagine how to convince someone of this age to vote.

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There are many reasons why young Americans should vote: many young Americans do not feel that their opinions are valued and appreciated at the voting polls and because of their age - they simply don't know enough - all Americans 18 and older have the right to vote and should feel that their vote counts. Here is some statistics and information to guide you along.

Research shows that young people are indeed civically involved. They are actively involved in their communities, often through volunteer activities. Their connection to politics and the political process is less developed, however. This may indicate that they don't feel they can make a difference, that ...

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A brief description on why adolescents should vote and the reasons not many do in today's society.