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A study was conducted comparing female adolescents who suffer from bulimia (an eating disorder) to healthy females with similar body compositions and levels of physical activity. Listed below are measures of daily caloric intake, recorded in kilocalories per kilogram body weight, for samples of adolescents from each group.

Daily Caloric Intake (kcal/kg)
Bulimic Healthy
15.9 18.9 25.1 20.7 30.6
16.0 19.6 25.2 22.4 33.2
16.5 21.5 25.6 23.1 33.7
17.0 21.6 28.0 23.8 36.6
17.6 22.9 28.7 24.5 37.1
18.1 23.6 29.2 25.3 37.4
18.4 24.1 29.7 25.7
18.9 24.5 30.9 30.6

a) Construct histograms from the values of daily caloric intake for each group (use frequency as the y-axis).
b) Compute mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and range of the daily caloric intake for the bulimic adolescents.
c) Compute mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and range of the daily caloric intake for the healthy adolescents.
d) Is a typical value of daily caloric intake larger for the individuals suffering from bulimia or for the healthy adolescents? Which group has a greater amount of variability in the measurements?

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