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    What are the functions of statistics, how do you describe these functions

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    What are the functions of statistics, how do you describe these function?

    The primary function of statistics in Psychology is to help researchers draw conclusions (Jaccard & Becker, 2002). For example, having knowledge of statistics is important to help understand specific phenomena in the real world without collecting huge amounts of data. Thus, statistics is a tool that researchers use to analyze and summarize large amounts of data. To explain specific phenomena in the behavioral sciences, data is collected and then used to draw conclusions regarding the topic under study. The data can then be used to make predictions about real- world phenomena. Thus statistics is used to analyze data in a meaningful way. According to White, Thomas, Johnston, & Hyde (2008), out of all the controversies what is needed in training in psychology, research and statistics are viewed and accepted as significant to the study of psychology. ...

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