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Persuasive essay: why a teen should not get a sports car.

Directions for the paper: Using your life experiences as a source of information, choose to write about one of the following topics in a short, one to one and one-half page theme. In this theme you are to take a position about the topic and present persuasive information in what may turn out to be a typical five paragraph essay format. You will need an introduction and a conclusion as well as at least three body paragraphs.

Topics: A teen's first car (should or should not) be an X (You name it.)
It is (fine, wrong) to have siblings share rooms.
Requiring students to take four years of math in high school is (a good idea, discriminatory).
Negative campaign ads (serve a very useful purpose, should be banned).

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This theme is a standard persuasive essay, and follows standard, formal English formatting. The standard paragraph indent is five spaces. Use no slang, abbreviations or "text speak." Make good, varied word choices, and use uncommon vocabulary occasionally to show you actually do know some "big words."

First, I suggest that you choose one of the topics that you have some background knowledge or personal experience about. Each of your topic prompts gives you the option to write either positively, or negatively, about the subject. There is no one correct response. What matters is the reasons and supporting examples that you give to back up your point of view.

Once your topic is selected, brainstorm for a few minutes - write down every idea you can think of about the topic. Then, evaluate your ideas, and rank them in order of importance. Throw out poor ideas, and add new ideas that occur to you during this step. Look at what you have - this will form the "outline" for your essay.

Now begin your first draft. Start with an introductory paragraph. It will "introduce" your reader to your topic, and contains your topic sentence - sometimes this is called your thesis statement. If you had chosen topic 1, your introductory paragraph might read:

A teenager's dreams revolve around the freedom of their own transportation. Being free to come and go, and possessing the means to achieve this, is a "rite of passage" for most teenagers. That first car ...

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Suggestions for brainstorming, organizing, and creating a standard, formal English, persuasive 5-paragraph essay on the topic of why a teen's first car should not be a sports car.