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    Proper etiquette for expressing thanks

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    I recently graduated from college. I mailed out my graduation invitations to family and friends. A few family members and friends who received my invitations were not able to attend my upcoming graduation ceremony. Instead, they were nice enough to call me and send me a "generous sum of money" as well as wishing me congratulations.

    I bought some cards with the words "Thank You" written on the outside; I intend to send these to friends and family members to show my gratitude for their generosity. What is the best way to thank them for the calls, money and best wishes?

    What is the proper way to express ones gratitude when writing a thank you card?

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    The purpose of a thank you card is to acknowledge the receipt of and gratitude for a gift, kindness or service. In this case, you are planning to thank friends and relatives for gifts of money. ...

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    In this solution, I give guidelines and suggestions for writing a basic acknowledgement for a graduation gift.