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    Business Thank You Letter

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    I need assistance with a thoughtful and intelligent thank you response letter to a fellow classmate who is actually in my same course titled "Introduction to Psychological Testing" and also they participated with me together at our recent university colloquium residency in Atlanta Georgia. This particular classmate really enriched my life by what they had to share during the time spent together for the five and half days. I would like to thank this person for enhancing my personal and professional life. I thought that this person was pretty intelligent and effective with expressing their knowledge. This person also enriches my life as well as the other learners in our group at our university colloquium residency.

    Briefly, what can I say intelligently in the form of a response letter to this person?

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    From the description, it sounds as though this is a personal business letter assignment. In professional settings, these letters are important because you often copy the person's supervisor so that it can be included in annual review or promotion files. Doing this sort of thing and building up a network of people with whom you exchange this sort of favor is an essential part of what is sometimes called "collegiality."

    For this sort of letter, you should use the ...

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    This response helps a student write a professional letter expressing thanks to a colleague. It describes formatting and what should be contained in the body paragraphs.