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    "It Sifts from Leaden Sieves" by Emily Dickinson

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    For the poem "It Sifts from Leaden Sieves" by Emily Dickinson:

    What is or are the themes of the poem?
    How are rhyme and other metrical devices used in the poem? Do they support the poem's overall meaning?
    Is the identity of the poem's narrator clear? How would you describe this person? What information, if any, does the author provide about him or her?
    Does the narrator seem to have a certain opinion of or attitude about the poem's subject matter? How can you tell?

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    Literal Theme: The falling of snow in a distinct setting (here you'd want to give specific examples i.e. falls through the gray clouds)

    Underlying Theme: There really isn't one; it's mainly an imagery poem. So, the use of strong adjectives and visual descriptions add to the overall meaning of a person sitting enjoying this event in nature.
    Rhyme Scheme: Starts with ABCD (and continues from there with E and so on).
    Lines: To do this count all the lines in the poem (this is easy to do, but Brainmass is very specific not to give all the answers; just ...

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    How the rhyme and other metrical devices used in the poem are determined.