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Vanity Fair Discussion Questions

In this solution, I provide a list of study questions for William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair. These questions range from those requiring short, simple answers to those requiring more complex explanations.

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Study Questions for Vanity Fair
1. Vanity Fair is called "a novel without a hero." Do you agree? Explain your opinion.
2. Compare the characters of Amelia Sedley and Rebecca Sharp. How do their choices shape their fates? Describe each woman's fatal flaw and her best virtue.
3. Explain the significance of the night at Vauxhall.
4. How does Mr. Osborne react to George's marriage?
5. From whom does Amelia's piano come? From whom does she assume it came? Why is this important?
6. What are Rebecca's plans for Jos Sedley? How are they thwarted?
7. What is Amelia's reaction to the Crawleys' appearance at Brussels?
8. What does Jos Sedley do when he hears the rumors of defeat?
9. What does Rebecca do with George's letter?
10. What role does religion play in this novel?
11. To whom does Miss Crawley leave her fortune?
12. Who do Rawdon and his son encounter during a ride in the park?
13. Consider the characters of Rawdon Crawley and George Osborne. ...

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This solution deals with numerous characters, events and ideas presented in Thackeray's novel Vanity Fair. My intention is to give the reader material which will help to sharpen his critical thinking skills. Many of these questions are also designed to highlight important details such as scenes, speeches and meetings.