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Themes in "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry

For the story "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry, could you help me with the following questions: A. Describe what the theme of the short story is, using symbolism or allegory and motif B. Identify at least two of the literary elements in the short story that contribute to the theme (e.g., plot, point of view, tone, setting,

Literature-Symbols in conveying literary themes

Please help get me started. PART A Now we will discusses the importance of point of view in literature and, more specifically, in the short story. Choose one short story listed below and analyze it in terms of point of view. 1. Alice Walker's?The Welcome Table 2. The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (1906) 3. A Worn Path

The American Dream and Strengths and Weaknesses

What are the elements of your American Dream? Why are each one of these elements important to you? (Elements of American Dream are: education, safety, family, happiness) What are your overall strengths and weaknesses? How will your strengths and weaknesses affect the success of your American Dream? What changes might you need

Analytical Approaches to Literary Work

I need help getting started with at least 600-800 words original only please. If you can help me get started answering the questions below from one of the works listed I can finish it. Thanks Using one of the following (4) four works: 1. The welcome Table (1970) by Alice Walker 2. Country Lovers (1975) by Nadine Gordimer

Human being in control of his/her fate

I am having trouble explaining how Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat" explains if man is in control of his/her own fate. I do understand the the story is an account of Stephen Crane's real life experience but I am also having difficulty explaining Americans in particular.

Perceptions and Observations of Men in a Crisis

I understand the external environment in these two short stories is an indifferent universe where men suffer. However, I am having difficulty explaining what "The Open Boat" says about the perceptions and observations of men in a crisis (men facing death)? Also, What does "To Build a Fire" say about man's relationship to Natur

Literature of the Absurd: A Description

This solution provides a description of what theatre and literature of the absurd is. It gives you the insight into this genre of literature that you can use to examine works of the absurd and create a more well rounded paper on the topic.

"Roman Fever" by Edith Wharton

I understand that Edith Wharton is famous for creating female figures who are often very unhappy or otherwise living lives of secrets, lies, and quiet desperation. I am having a difficult time explaining how "Roman Fever" fits this pattern as it reveals Wharton's understanding of the place of women in the late nineteenth century

"The Yellow Wallpaper" - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

I just need help with a few questions. What elements justify its place in the gothic literature genre? I am beginning to understand that the story can also be viewed as an early feminist piece that examines the role of women in the late nineteenth century and also serves to highlight Gilman's own unhappy experience of being medi

Human Resource Management, Online Learning, and Career Development

Q1. Choose three topics or ideas associated with the human resource management profession. Describe how you can use each of these topics to succeed in a graduate degree program. Must be at least five passages including at least three peer-reviewed articles. Q2. Organization, time management, and effective communication are

"The Passing of Grandison" satire questions...

Please see the satire below. It is located on page 42 and is titled "The Passing of Grandison". I am a little confused and need help explaining 1) How humor plays a role in the story? 2) What other meaning might "passing" take on in this tale as it refers to Grandison? What does he try to pass himself off as? Please see the

Photographers & Film Directors

Although their artistic talents may blur the lines between myth and reality, photographers and film directors have a point of view on a subject matter they want to portray to society and both have creative ways to explore their topic. Photographers and historical films capture visual images that may not included all the truths a

Education and the Changing Landscape of Work in the 21st Century

Education is often considered a recession proof industry. In todays changing landscape, discuss whether or not education jobs are at risk of being off-shored or outsourced. What forces change the shape of the education employment landscape. What can be done to secure employment going forward? This should be an outline for a

Discussion of the Article: "Where Trouble Comes"

Hollywood's job is to entertain the viewers, but not to tell the truth. They have certain points of view. In the following article ( please discuss: - What did the author say about war films? (Ideas) - What are the main points of the article?

Introduction to Literature

There are similarities and differences between the literary forms of the short story, the poem, and drama. For example, one major difference is that both poetry and drama frequently place a strong emphasis on performance before an audience that is physically present, while the short story is more commonly intended for individual

Proposing Solutions for HFCS Subsidisation & Regulation

If making corn (HFCS) cheap thus allowing people buy more cheap HFCS-laced foods, wouldn't it work the other way around as well? I don't think that taxing junk food necessarily punishes obese people. What does Michael Pollan say about this?

Historical Films in Modern Times

Although historians might disagree about historical events in films, does this discredit historical films if the audience comes away with deeper emotions, feelings and understanding, as well as the devastation and affect of that event in history? Is Hollywood's job to tell the truth or to entertain, inform, and keep audiences in

An Image's Representation of the Titan Themis and her Relation to Humankind

Visit the image gallery at and other websites to find an image, such as a painting, sculpture, or architectural representation of a mythological divinity and give the title, the artist, the source you retrieved it from, and a brief description. What does the image represent from the myth it is based o

Why Do Physical Laws Not Apply to the Gods?

In many myths, the rules and physical laws do not seem to apply to the gods. For example, gods marry their siblings, fathers give birth through their foreheads, mothers swallow their children, and so on. From your readings, identify three other examples of improbable, fantasy, or make-believe elements gods enacted. Why are these

Must myths be literally true to be valuable?

Myths often explain the origins of evil, suffering, death, and what sustains life. Must myths be literally true to be valuable? Explain why or why not. "Tribal societies around the world have creation myths that teach their people how the world and all that is in the world came into existence. Most of these creation myths

Rhetorical Analysis of Mary Fisher's "Whisper of AIDS"

I selected a "Whisper of AIDS" by Mary Fisher. Mary Fisher is an artist, author, and political activist. She travels the world speaking on HIV in hopes to create awareness. I selected this speech because Mary Fisher used a public forum to put a new face on a growing epidemic. At the time she delivered her speech AIDS was thought

Szasz: Struggle for Definition and Life

What is it that this writer, Szasz, believes and what does he offer to persuade us to take his position? "The struggle for definition is veritably the struggle for life itself. In the typical Western two men fight desperately for the possession of a gun that has been thrown to the ground: whoever reaches the weapon first shoo

Editorial - School Prayer temptation

I am having a difficult time locating the claim, support, warrant, backing, rebuttal, and qualifier (please provide citations if possible). Thank you. URL

Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."

This week's literary club plans to discuss symbolism in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery." Assignment: Prepare yourself for a discussion with others. Explain what you think is the symbolic purpose of this story: for society. Choose one character from the story that seems to symbolize something special for you and explain why i

Guide to Instructional Writing

For a reader who has not done this before but who is at least generally familiar with the subject, describe thoroughly how to accomplish one task, probably a step of a larger task. This could be mechanical or kitchen-oriented or sporting or artistic; however, it will be important to narrow your choice to one significant action,

Short Story Analysis Using Various Literary Elements

Short story: "A rose For Emily" by William Faulkner Please include these in your analysis: - Introduction with thesis - Main points of your argument/literary analysis - Relevant quotations and citations from the texts - Conclusion Please choose three of the literary elements listed below: Plot; Characterization; Po

Discuss a photograph that stands out to you

Surf on over to, the website for a Los Angeles photography gallery. Take your time, look around, and choose a photo that particularly stands out to you. Your task for this essay is to describe this process and this photograph, and then explain why you were attracted to it--all to a reader who presumably has not b