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Sketch of Sir Walter Elliot

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This solution contains a brief character sketch of Persuasion's Sir Walter Elliot. In this sketch, I describe his most prominent characteristics.

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In this solution, I use a combination of descriptions, feelings and ideas to portray the character of Sir Walter Elliot of Persuasion.

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Jane Austen's novels are known for many features. One of these is her ridiculous characters. Sir Walter Elliot of Persuasion certainly fits this category. He is a man completely without sense or feeling valuing people for superficial qualities. Obsessed with looks and rank, he has little use for real abilities. These character traits do not inspire sympathy or respect in the reader.
Sir Walter's dominant characteristic is vanity. One thing of which Sir Walter is vain is his good looks. The pride he takes in his appearance is monumental. Austen tells her audience that "few women could think more of their personal appearance than he did; nor could the valet of any new made lord be more delighted with the place he held in society" (Austen 4). His obsession with physical perfection ...

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