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    Charles Company balance sheet; Elliot Company overhead rate

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    1) As of December 31, Charles Company had $12,000 in cash, held $95,000 of inventory and owned other items that originally cost $13,000. Charles company also had borrowed $40,000 from First City Bank.

    Prepare a balance sheet for Charles Company as of December 31. Be sure to label each item and each column with appropriate terms.

    2) Elliot Company estimated that costs of production for the coming year would be:

    Raw materials $75,000
    Direct Labor $90,000
    Production Overhead $135,000

    Calculate the overhead rate for the next year, assuming that it is based on direct labor dollars.

    Journalize the entry necessary to show the total cost of production for the month of May if the raw materials put into production totaled $6.500 and direct labor was $6,600.

    If actual production overhead cost incurred in May were $9,550, calculate the over absorbed overhead for the month.

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    Question No 1

    Charles Company

    Balance Sheet
    As on 31 Dec 2010
    Cash $12,000
    Inventory $95,000
    Total current Assets $107,000
    Property, Plant & Equipments: $0
    Total Assets $107,000

    Total Current Liabilities $0
    Long term liabilities:
    Loan from Bank $40,000
    Total Liabilities $40,000
    Total Owner's Equity $67,000
    Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity $107,000

    Owner's equity = Total Assets ...

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