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Perspectives of Female Vs. Male Authors

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How do the perspectives of the women authors (e.g., Oates and Porter) differ from those of the men (e.g., Lawrence and Steinbeck), particularly how the men perceive women's emotions vs. how women perceive women's emotions and vice versa?

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It is often the case that writers credit their own experiences with how they are able to write so successfully. In other words, writers often say that writing what they know enables a more authentic piece of literature than writing what they do not know. This does not mean that one cannot research something unfamiliar and write about it but that one's own experience often makes for a more credible and believable voice. As this is the case, it is often quite a challenge for a woman to write from the perspective of a man and for a man to write from the perspective of a woman. Nonetheless, many writers take on this challenge. Readers may argue that some are quite convincing while others are not. ...

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The perspectives of female versus male authors are examined. How the men perceive women's emotions versys how woman perceive women's emotions and vice versa's are determined.