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Evolutionary Theory of Attraction

According to the authors, an evolutionary perspective takes "the long view—how people act today is based on behavior patterns that evolved from our species' hominid past." Explain how the evolutionary concept of reproductive fitness is related to attraction and love in men and women. Describe some of the criticisms that have been offered against the evolutionary theory of attraction.

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Since the beginning of time, mankind and womankind have been looking for a mate possessing specific traits. One theory is that a person is attracted to a person with similar traits as their own, and yet another theory believes that a person is attracted to someone with opposite traits. Scott Gustafson's theory was that we are attracted to someone who is similar to our ideal self. This theory combines the two theories in that we are attracted to those of similar traits and those that ...

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Discusses the Evolutionary theory of attraction as well as some of the criticisms of this theory.