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Buss' theory on mate selection

David Buss (1989, 2003) has proposed a controversial evolutionary perspective to describe the process of mate selection. Critically analyze this evolutionary perspective. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this theory as it relates to understanding human mate selection.

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First off, as you critically analyze Buss' evolutionary perspective, I find relevance in many of his assertions. For example, he addresses how we are often drawn to mates in a very innate, instinctual manner.

His ideas seem to suggest strong gender differences in mate traits and preferences since his studies finds that "If women value earning power and men value physical beauty in potential mates, then penurious men and unattractive women are selectively excluded more than are homely men and poor women" ( His ideas focus on strong physical beauty as a desirable trait in mate selection, especially for men.

I feel that a strength of his theory ...

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Buss' theory on mate selection is articulated. References are also provided to justify the assertions.