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    Darwin's Theory: Non-Human Psychology

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    Explain how Darwin's theory supported psychological research on nonhuman animals. Provide one research question that can only be answered by doing experiments with nonhuman animals in order to shed light on human psychology.

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    Darwin offered psychology four ideas: evolution has affected the brain and thought process, not just the body. Second, changes in our brains are part of our more general adaptation to our environment. Third, these changes might no longer have relevance since the conditions under which they occurred no longer exist. Finally, that for psychology in general, the understanding of human and non-human minds requires us to consider the mechanisms of adaptation (Buss, 2009).

    Daniel J. Povinelli, Derek C. Penn, and Keith J. Holyoak (2008) challenged the use of Darwin and evolutionary psychology on non-human animals. Their contention is that the development of human cognition cannot be separated from the specific challenges humans have faced during their own evolutionary journey. The fact is that there is a qualitative - not just a quantitative - difference between human ...

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    The expert explains how Darwin's theory supported psychological research on nonhuman animals.