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    English Composition Example: Succeeding as a Teacher

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    Choose three topics or ideas associated with your profession. Describe how you can use each of these topics to succeed in a Masters degree program.

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    To approach this assignment, first consider what attributes in your profession are important to success that would also help you succeed in a Master's degree program as a graduate student.

    To give you an example to compare your final response to, I will respond to this assignment as if it were my own. This will give you insights into how to approach solving it for yourself, with your own examples. I am a teacher grades pre-K through 12. Three attributes (skills) that help me to be a successful teacher that would also be useful to a graduate student (which I have also been, more than once) are planning, time management/organization, and communication.

    Secondly, you will need to locate three peer-reviewed articles that support what your paper will eventually have to say. You can search the library databases at your college or university that you have access to as a student, or you can find your resources on the Web. Since I am currently NOT a student, the resources I will choose will be Web-based. Specify 'peer-reviewed' in your search string. You can search for three things: the skills necessary to succeed at your job, the skills necessary to succeed as a graduate student, and skills necessary to succeed both as a student AND a worker. That should allow you to locate three resources you can use. Remember that APA discourages the use of too many quotes, and instead, suggests paraphrasing or summarizing what the reference has to say in your own words (which still need citation). I will quote in my example, since I want you to clearly recognize where in the paper that each reference is used. In your own response, I recommend summarizing instead, and using quotes only rarely.

    Resources 1, 2 and 3 (and more), in APA format for the References page:
    McDonough, S. (Autumn, 1997). Research methods as part of English language teacher education? ELTED, 3(1), pp. 84-96. Retrieved from http://www.elted.net/issues/volume-3/mcdon.pdf

    Quotes I might use (paraphrase or summarize) from this reference:
    A ...justification for English language teachers to have a good grounding in appropriate research methods is that many candidates see research skills as an extension of their professional profile. p. 87
    ...teachers getting involved in doing research themselves has been associated with involvement innovation and change, with 'empowerment', and with both personal development, satisfaction and self-esteem from widening one's personal engagement with teaching issues, and professional development, enlarging one's range of expertise, and effectiveness as a teacher. p. 92

    Rubio, C. M. (2009). Effective teachers-professional and personal skills. ENSAYOS, Revista de la Facultad de Educacion de Albacete, 24, p. 35-46. Retrieved from http://www.uclm.es/ab/educacion/ensayos/ensayos24/pdf/24_4.pdf

    Quotes I might use from this reference:
    To be an effective teacher does not only involve having a deep content knowledge, but also organizational, management and communication skills, being able to organize instructions, and providing relevant assessment and fair evaluations. p. 35
    Good planning facilitates clear explanations, and it provides a wide range of resources suitable to students {sic} needs. Good planning also implies classroom management and organization to achieve learning. p. 37

    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). (n.d.). What makes a teacher effective? Retrieved from http://www.uclm.es/ab/educacion/ensayos/ensayos24/pdf/24_4.pdf

    Available research supports the idea that high quality teacher preparation is important. Well prepared teachers outperform those who are not prepared. No credible research reveals any advantage to students of having teachers without preparation. p. 3

    Gourneau, B. (n.d.). Five attitudes of effective teachers: Implications for teacher training. University of North Dakota. Retrieved from http://www.usca.edu/essays/vol132005/gourneau.pdf

    ...incorporating Howard Gardener's intellectual strengths, or multiple ...

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    Three skills necessary for success as a graduate student and as a teaching professional. Web-based resources, with quotes pulled from each, directions and model paper in APA format for comparison.