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    Gender stereotypes in television

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    Some television shows have many issues. These include from the all new line up of realty shows to the vulgarity of the adult cartoons like American Dad, The Simpsons or the cartoon spoof of a 007-like spy cartoon like Archer. The degredation of women in these cartoons are indicators of how there are double standards for men and women.
    In this case the issue of the adult cartoon of "Family Guy" is a possible example of stereotyping women. The primary question is posed about the character Meg Griffin.

    Could this character be considered the current view of what men and others see women?

    Are women stereotyped and how are they looked upon currentlyin this society?

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    This is a very good question. To begin, let us first discuss the character of Meg Griffin. Meg is the oldest child of Peter and Lois Griffin from the cartoon show Family Guy. She is a sad character in my opinion. She is shy, chubby, falls into the background, and is made fun of by just about everyone on the show including her own parents. Socially, she is very awkward and considered unattractive by the characters on the show. She is also very unpopular in school.

    Her lack of self-esteem comes mainly from her own family where she is constantly mocked. A common occurrence on the show while Meg is trying to voice her opinion, her father rudely tells her to shut up as if what she has to say has absolutely no significance. It has also ...

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    The expert examines gender stereotypes in television. Whether a character should be considered the current view of what men and others see women is determined.