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    The Influence of Stereotypes

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    I need help with answering the following. I need to compose a 750 word response that addresses these questions and concepts thoughtfully and thoroughly.

    1. Identify an idea or event from twentieth or twenty-first century history that was influenced by stereotypes.
    2. How was/were these stereotypes perpetuated? Who or what was/is responsible?
    3. How do these stereotypes still persist in modern culture? How can they be dispelled? Is this possible?

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    Stereotype is defined as something that conforms to a set image or type while stereotyping is the attempt to arouse prejudice in a group of viewers or audience by labeling or showing the object of the campaign as undesirable. The effect of stereotyping or labeling is that it begins to create and develop dominant ideologies that are difficult to remove from the minds of the viewers.

    In the 20th century, the image and position of women has greatly changed from the former demure, frail, female stereotype to women who are empowered with an increasing professional participation in different occupations that were previously stereotyped for men alone. The World War I has caused women to find work as their husbands have to go to war. The number of working mothers has increased in the 20th century and the Progressive Era has defined women who have a transformed image signified by their 'short hair and short skirts' which meant 'kicking off a century of social restrictions'.

    They don't only work outside of their homes like their husbands and work in jobs that were previously given to men but they also have more social activities such as smoking and dancing in public, and other activities that they were barred from doing in public during the previous century. The female stereotypes in the 20th century: the supermom, the ...

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