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Stereotypes and Prejudices

Discuss techniques to reduce stereotypes and prejudices. Additionally, consider how social influences can reduce or promote stereotypes and prejudice.


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I hope this discussion is helpful to you. (Just a critical thinking note) It might be helpful as you discuss the topic to reflect on any personal experience you might have had or witnessed as it can cover such a wide range in the scope of prejudice and stereotypical behavior.

Stereotypes and prejudice can be difficult topics due to the sensitivity that they hold. In reducing stereotypes and prejudice, there are several ways that can be done. It takes positive contribution from everyone in society. One of the most important if not the most important is educating children, parents, teachers, and the community on stereotyping and prejudice. Parents have to talk to their children about these types of issues. Teachers have to talk about these issues in the classroom when appropriate. ...

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Techniques to reduce stereotypes and prejudices is discussed.