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Prejudice and stereotypes in the media

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Give a brief interpretation of the events in the media.

Describe any prejudiced behavior you observed:

Explain two ways the emotions of the people in the media may have impacted their prejudiced behavior and why. Explain how stereotypes may or may not have influenced the prejudiced behavior you observed.

Please give some references.

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Prejudice & Stereotypes

What is prejudice? When a person is prejudiced against someone, he or she has formed ideas and opinions about them that are typically baseless. We can be prejudiced about people, ideas, culture, beliefs and certain ethnic groups/races. For example, back in the 1800's, many Americans and Europeans are prejudiced against blacks whom they would attach beliefs to and associated with baseless attitudes attributed to the blacks as a race. Some of these beliefs were that they are stupid, lazy, good-for-nothing, born-as-criminals, and that they are not equal to or are lower than the whites. This prejudice partly stems from the slavery practice that was enforced and initiated in the colonial days of America. Back in the 1800's, many whites were prejudiced against blacks because of these baseless negative ideas hurled towards the blacks as an ethnic group.

Now, what is stereotype? When you are prejudiced about someone, you harbour a baseless position or preconceived judgement about someone. Sometimes you do this because you categorize that someone into a particular ...

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The expert describe prejudiced behaviors observed.

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