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    Personal Worldview and Its Effect on Intercultural Communication

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    Christian Worldview
    Where did we come from? (and why are we here?)
    What is wrong with the world?
    How can we fix it?
    In the second section, thoughtfully reflect on how you think your worldview has, does, or may affect your intercultural communication by considering the following:
    Describe ethnocentrism. How has this belief affected your worldview?
    Describe stereotypes. How are stereotypes different from prejudices?

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    From my understanding the Christian worldview is a worldview in which man is inherently sinful, and there is a continuous battle between good and evil on this planet. This battle between good and evil is also taking place on a spiritual level, with the end result being that God will destroy the devil, who is the cause of the evil activities that take place on earth. The Christians also view it as being their responsibility to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, and to save as many souls as possible. Due to these factors, the Christian worldview seems to be one in which Christianity is the only right religion, and holds the key to prosperity on earth and in the afterlife. In the Christian worldview we come from God, who created mankind, which makes us all descendants of Adam and Eve, according to Christian doctrine. The descendants of these individuals spread throughout the world, which resulted in the differing nations and cultures throughout the world. According to the Christian worldview the reason that we are here is for the glorification of God Almighty, through the creation of ...

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    This solution describes how worldview may affect intercultural communication.