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World Culture

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One way to understand intercultural communication issues is to examine a specific world culture. Choose a culture to which you have a personal connection. For example a culture of which you are a descendant, or the culture of a neighbor of family member, or perhaps a place you have visited and are intrigued by. Any culture except your current home culture is an appropriate choice.

You are also free to develop a particular focus for this paper to discuss everything surrounding this culture.
As a result you may choose 3-6 aspects of culture to examine, depending on how much depth you wish to go into with each one. Be sure to choose topics that are social in nature and involve communication and human interaction. For example, do not deal with simple facts of geography, such as how many miles of rail lines are in this country, or what the main exports are, or who was president in 1756—this type of information can be found in any encyclopedia and does not really deal with communication or social matters. Your topics should involve situations where people interact with people: in families, schools, the workplace, churches, and so on.


Investigate the interactive effect that cultural tendencies, issues and trends of various cultures have on communication.

Utilize effective research methods using a variety of applicable sources.

Demonstrate an ability to connect suitably selected research information with course content.

Explain how personal interactions are affected by the nonverbal characteristics and differences specific to the U.S. culture.

Develops dynamic and lucid strategies for locating appropriate sources that indicate cross-cultural trends

Please give references.

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The expert develops a particular focus for the paper to discuss everything surrounding this culture. The interactive effect that cultural tendencies, issues and trends of various cultures have on communication are investigated.

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