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Cultural Environment of International Business: Language

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1. Can you think of some specific examples that illustrate the link between culture and language?

2. What is mean by following the phrase: 'People who speak different languages segment their world differently'?

3. How would you explain the assertion that language influences and shapes how people perceive their world?

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1. Use of slang terms is one example. When a culture identifies an object, person, and type as something specific and applies a slang term to represent it, then the culture and the language are linked. An American example might be the use of the word "geek" or "nerd" to identify a smart person with limited social skills. It might also mean someone who is technically efficient in modern communication and computer skills. In America, this has lead to media stereotyping and also to a television show based on a person of this type. Another example is the use of words with more than one meaning within a culture, which might not be apparent to ...

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This solution discusses the influence of language during cultural interactions in international business.