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    Cultural Environment: International Marketers

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    During an introductions of a business meeting in germany, you want to break the ice by asking "Wie geht's?" and insisting that everyone call you by your first name. Speculate as to the reaction.

    Compare and contrast an international marketer's home pages for presentation and content; for example, Coca-Cola (http://www.coca-cola.com) and its Japanese verson (http://www.cocacola.co.jp). Are the differences cultural?

    Economic environment
    Why do marketers engage in major projects in developing countries, such as Hewlett-Packard's e-inclusion project (http://www.hp.com/e-inclusion/en/index.html). Outline both the short-term and long-term benefits.

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    Cultural environment: In introduction of a business meeting in Germany, "Wie geht's" that is a German sentence basically used to know the member's response about mood and health and to relax a tensed situation before starting the discussion. In English, the meaning of Wie geht's is concerned to "How are you?" that is a common formal sentence asked by every person during meeting with other people globally (Dodd, 2003). Thus, in the business meeting during an introduction, a person must start a quick and firm handshake that is a German traditional greeting to show total commitment towards the purpose of meeting. German basically likes to use person's title or their surname to denote respect instead to use person's first name. In this cultural difference, when a person want to break the ice by asking Wie geht's and insisting that every one call person's first name, the reaction of German people would come out as friendly environment for business. German thinks that the person is respecting their culture and very excited to introduce their culture also. German person can also imagine him as trustworthy for business deal (Ditzel, 2007). ...

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