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Impact of international marketers on a culture

Marketers are agents of change. They seek to change behaviors of consumers and other potential customers or users. In what ways do international marketers impact a foreign culture through their marketing activities?
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Marketers make impacts because they offer new ideas and new ways of addressing issues, problems and concerns. Marketers offer solutions used by others in other places for problems. Good marketers create a market need in a place where the need is not known.

Marketers change perceptions by opening up possibilities to people. They make it possible for people to imagine their lives differently and change their perceptions about the current status quo. Clothing is an excellent example, particularly women's clothing. Many cultures do not like westernized clothing because it changes the perception women (and men) have of women. Perceptions can create stigma's and marketing at its best, eliminates or desensitizes those stigmas and changes ...

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A discussion on some of the ways international marketers can have an impact on a culture.