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Effect race or culture has on student ideas about success.

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In preparing for a meeting with the school board, an interesting study came across your desk. A study of a multi-racial group of high school students, by Grace Kao in 2000, revealed that different students groups define success in different ways:

White and Asian students define success in school as earning high grades.
African-American students define success as doing as well as other black students and not failing.
Hispanic students define success as attaining a white-collar job in an office after graduation.

Discuss the extent to which you believe these self-perceptions are created by the ways in which American society defines race and ethnicity. Discuss ways that you think educators can change these perceptions.

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Sociologically when we look at race and ethnicity we see that:

1. Race - A term that indicates that a group is set apart because of obvious physical differences

2. Ethnicity - This term indicates a group that is set apart from others primarily because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns.

Unfortunately society has meshed these two terms together and they have been using them interchangeably. These terms are not interchangeable; they are two separate concepts.

All of the racial and ethnic groups described above suffer from societal oppression and racism because of the fact that the White Anglo Saxon individual is still viewed as the most powerful in society. Americans have come a long way when it ...

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